Our mission is accomplished by
providing our volunteers with
medical, communications, and
Emergency Preparedness
Education. Additionally,
instruction is provided through
Governmental Courses in areas
such as Community Emergency
Response Team Training and
the Incident Command System.
We Offer In-depth
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North Carolina Emergency
W.S. Evans, SSG
This organization is an Emergency Manpower Multiplier, and is certified as a Disaster Relief
Organization which is recognized on state and federal levels.
Our mission is to organize
and educate volunteers
through Emergency
Preparedness Training for
the purpose of responding,
assisting, and aiding North
Carolinians in their time of
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•  Training from former
Military Officers, NCOs, and
NC State Certified
Instructors in the areas of
communications, search &
rescue, CPR, Community
Emergency Response Team,
first aid and much more.
As a member you will